The girls have been into writing letters & drawing pictures for each other. Hennessey wrote Tailynn’s name & Tailynn drew a picture of the two of ‘em. ❤️



March Madness!

To start things off, some more glass etching featuring our favorite Sith Lord:


Hennessey graduated into a BIG GIRL bed! This bed was my mother’s, my sister’s, mine, and now hers!


Every March we attend the Renaissance Festival.  We try to go in costume when applicable, so I whipped up some peasant shirts and circle skirts for the kids.  Bought some jangle scarves, and off we went with our little Gypsy children!

IMG_2508 IMG_2510 IMG_2540 IMG_2545

IMG_6072 - Copy

IMG_6077 IMG_6085 IMG_6133 IMG_6136

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENNESSEY!!  I can’t believe you are already three!!!IMG_6142 IMG_6164 IMG_6182 IMG_6190 IMG_6199 IMG_6202


A sippie of milk, a toy, sunglasses, undies, and socks.  My kinda girl…


The girls get to see Miss Val for a mini music class!  If they have any tempo, tune, or musical ability in the future, it’s because of this woman!


We often visit McDonalds and visit another friend, Viki!  We had quite a little bit of fun with these black stickers….

IMG_2597 IMG_2596 IMG_2594 IMG_2593


February Firsts!

Tailynn & Hennessey received swimming lessons for Christmas from Nana & Papa.  Tailynn, being a bit older, quickly earned her first medal in order to graduate to the next class difficulty.

IMG_2333 IMG_2334

Hennessey, who HATED being in the water, did not want to be outdone, however.  She gathered up her courage and she earned her first medal only a few short lessons later!



Tailynn even earned her SECOND medal by the time our two months of lessons were through!


Legos + Sharpie = FUN!!


FIRST REAL HAIRCUT!  Tailynn’s very first real hair cut (this does not count the few strands that were accidentally cut during a sleepover… but really, it was like 20 hairs, no big deal).

IMG_2399 IMG_2402 IMG_2401

I made some Valentine’s Day dresses for the kids!  While we dog-sat at my folks’ house, I whipped these suckers up.  Even now (as I’m writing this 2 years later), they STILL wears these dresses often!

IMG_6028 IMG_6035 IMG_6023

Tailynn displays one of the many, many pictures of my Beaver Hair.


Some glass etching work!  Toothbrush cups so we don’t have to share!


How many veggies does it take to make the best salsa in the world??


By the end of February, we are TUCKERED OUT!


January Randomness

Matt’s 32nd birthday!  We went to The Yardhouse in Scottsdale.  That be an entire yard o’ beer!


Our favorite restaurant to eat is Sakana – here I am being bored trying to make food look more interesting than it actually is!

IMG_2236 IMG_2235 IMG_2234

A quick shot of Tailynn playing dress up!


Hennessey has been eating ice cream, and Instagramed!


This hair cut…. this hair cut started several long months of me having “Beaver hair.”  I had mentioned once that I thought my hair looked like Bieber.  The girls misheard me, and called it beaver hair, and thought it was hilarious!  There were soooo many drawings of mom with her beaver hair!


Berry eating day at Nana’s house!!


And my most favorite spot in the entire house…. as long as I can have something to read near by!


Christmas 2011

Christmas was tons of fun this year!!  The pictures really say it all.  :)

The girls got a lot of play kitchen stuff.  Santa’s visit was obvious by the cookie crumbs and empty glass.  He also left a copy of The Polar Express!
















Canning Pears

Canning pears was super hard work, but so fun!  I ended up doing my own pears, and my mom’s pears (I was nice enough to peel hers before canning them….made me wish I’d been slightly less lazy and done my own, too!!).  I did decide to spruce up a few by making vanilla pear jam.  I added the scrapings of a vanilla bean into the pot, following a recipe for regular pear jam.  The vanilla makes it!

Tailynn hits up Disneyland!

Tailynn went with her Aunt Jody, LaDell & Maddie, and another friend and her granddaughter Madison to Disneyland!  They met Alan and Vince at Disney.  It was Gay Days weekend at Disney (as supported by the red shirts!)  What a great way for the girls to see families of all kinds enjoying a day at the park. :)

This was her first big trip away, and she did great!  She and Maddie became great friends, and the pictures that Jody brought back are adorable!!  It was Maddie’s 4th birthday while they were there, so she got some extra special happenings while she was there!  FUN!


One Month Post-Op

Still pink and tender.  The surgeon had to cut through some nerves to get everything, so my ear and side of my face has some nerve damage.  I can’t stand to have anything touch from my cheekbone over toward my ear, or from about mid-jawline back.  It’s supposed to get better slowly.  I’d like to sleep on my left side again some day!